Our Services

Youth Fitness

Developing self-confidence and belief in one’s abilities should begin at a young age. At Synthesis Training, we evaluate each client independently and formulate a strategy to support long-term success. Special considerations are extended to the youth fitness segment. Individualized strategies emphasize stability and mobility to promote healthy development.

Group Training

Train with your co-workers, family or teammates. Use the group atmosphere to enhance personal progress. Synthesis Training will develop programming customized to your goals, schedule and cumulative success. From high performance planning to exercise introduction, our system integrates the specific needs of all individuals.

Personal Training

Each of us are unique. We have different genetics, movement patterns and definitions of what it means to be fit. Regardless of your goals, Synthesis Personal Training will help you find the path of least resistance towards obtaining personal success. Satisfaction is most common when progress becomes evident and the path to achieving your goals becomes clear. 

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training focuses on programming that will directly improve your ability to excel in a particular sport. Implement proven tactics specific to the demands placed on your body. The Synthesis Training individualized process builds a skill set to enhance your sport performance. Use your training time effectively to produce desired results and separate yourself from the pack.